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Years ago C-60 sang about „Erfolg“ (Success) and „Mutters kleine Helfer“ (Mother´s Little Helpers). Nowadays other tehmes are disputed; maybe the dark side of success. In internet discussion forums they read things like „the human being is the problem“, „the human being must be eliminated“ … so the album title was born: problem factor human being
The first single-cut from the album treats a timeless and actual topic - greed. „Gier“ is performed in upper-austrian idiom, without frills, tough beats. Bonus track 11 is a freaky electro-funk-jazz-version (Gier kava remix) The beauty industry floods the market again and again with the same message: You aren´t beautiful enough. „Every Body Is Perfect“ deals with claims and promises of the beauty industry, wrapped in electronic beats.
„Zurückbleiben bitte“ (please stay back) treats the totally regulated society. „Mitten im Geschwätz“ (in the middle of the gossip) uses original comments from web discussion forums on the occasion of the Vienna Popfest. The comments are valid for nearly every event. Spoken by the actress Hilde Dalik and the actor Michael Ostrowski. The second single-cut from the album. 


C-60 - mutters kleine helfer

01 mutters kleine helfer / 02 komm baby / 03 bandsalat / 04 erfolg / 05 heirstyle vs. c-60 (rmx) / 06 sexxess (rmx) / 07 mutters kleine helfer (kava rmx) / 08 erfolg (fetter könig rmx) / 09 egal wie schön du bist / 10 dark side of success (rmx) / 11 am puls der zeit (franzrmx)


CD, LP, digital
- Releasedate: 10.11.2006
Distributor: Roughtrade

C-60 - Problemfaktor Mensch

01 Zurückbleiben bitte / 02 Every Body Is Perfect / 03 Gier / 04 Nicht ganz oben / 05 So jung und so kalt / 06 Du bist gegangen / 07 Mitten im Geschwätz / 08 Keiner da / 09 Verboten / 10 Problemfaktor Mensch / 11 Gier (kava rmx)


CD & digital
- VÖ: 25.05.2012
Vertrieb: Roughtrade

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