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LasVegas Records auf dem Reeperbahnfestival

LasVegas Records präsentieren feinste Musik aus Österreich. Das Indie-Label aus Wien hat sich vorgenommen, die Welt zu erobern. Genreübergreifend pickt sich LasVegas Records die schönsten Perlen der österreichischen Popmusik heraus: Maur Due & Lichter, DAWA, Kommando Elefant, The Helmut Bergers, MY NAME IS MUSIC, illute, Candy Beat Camp oder pop:sch wurden von dem Label entdeckt und konnten als Fixpunkte in der österreichischen Szene etabliert und nun auch dem internationalen Publikum vorgestellt werden.

Ab 13.30 lädt LasVegas Records gemeinsam mit Austria Music Export alle Delegees und Medien zu einem kleinen Empfang. Für Getränke wird gesorgt.

DAWA (14h)
A guitar, a cello, a cajón and two soulful voices, which perfectly harmonise – that’s DAWA from Vienna. In 2010, after a long lasting friendship and numerous jam sessions in their living room or at friend’s places, John Dawa and Barbara Wiesinger, the two voices of the band, decided to pursue their music career with more emphasis. They hired violoncellist Laura Pudelek and percussionist Norbert Kröll and started creating what they describe as “acoustic cello folk rock with beat”. Their repertoire includes quiet, sentimental tunes as well as angry songs that are critical of society. At home in Vienna, the quartet continuously plays sold out shows. The reason for that might be this special, living room like atmosphere that their shows radiate. DAWA are laid-back and extremely ambitious at the same time.

Kommando Elefant (15h)
Kommando Elefant is a funny band name isn’t it? Well, that’s not the only amusing thing about this quartet from Vienna. Their singers name is Alf! Still, they are no comedians. In fact they make wonderful Indie-Rock between acoustic guitar and electronic sounds, humour and tragedy, piano and synthesizers, party and melancholy. Thanks to their intuition for big melodies Alf Peherstorfer, keyboard player Luis Pasching, bassist Günther Pauls and drummer Thorsten Mahr repeatedly reached the top 5 of Austria’s Indie charts, most recently with single “Wir sprengen Krokodile” from their latest album “Scheitern als Show”. But the complete Kommando Elefant experience is revealed to you when you see them on stage. They usually have fabulous visuals by brothers Stefan and Michael Tiefengraber of accompanying their songs.

Mauricio Duda und Daniel Lichter have two big loves in their life: They adore Singer-Songwriter ballads played on the acoustic guitar, but at the same time they admire club music and electronic Pop. One day the two producers from Vienna decided to bring both these things together. As Maur Due & Lichter they merge acoustic ballads, sphercial soundscapes, minimal house beats and classic Pop tracks. Their second album “This Night Was Ment To Stay” is a lot clubbier then its forerunner though. Its eleven tracks reflect the chronology of a perfect night out in Vienna. It starts with the first beer in the living room and ends with the tipsy stroll home at dawn. Of course you don’t have to be in Vienna to dance, flirt and party to these jazzy saxophone parts, the melodic instrumentals and the electronic Pop songs, you can also do it at the Reeperbahn Festival.

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