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The name says it all

After they released their first two albums "Revolution" and "We are terrorists" within one year, MY NAME IS MUSIC took some time to finish their third longplayer "Super Acceleration"…. and it was worth it!

The result is a super dry and edgy Indie Mix, which perfectly plays with the various facets of pop and walks along with a charming New Wave attitude and subtle self-irony.

But writing 11 new songs is not the only thing MY NAME IS MUSIC did in the last two years. They played over 100 concerts in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia and supported well-known bands like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, We Have Band, Belleruche or The Chap and were invited to numerous festivals (e.g. Berlin Music Week, United Islands Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, Nuremberg Pop). On top of that they pimped their studio and rummaged around in the drawer with all the old and new electro boxes.

But the main target of Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann still remains the same: getting a key for the elevator in their house. "We live on the second floor and are constantly lugging around our equipment. The key costs extra money and we delivered an ultimatum to ourselves: Number 1 in any charts wherever and we will buy that key!"

The duo, who share both bed and drum kit, is doing fine. With a new team as a backing (Label & Booking agency) they speed up towards being superstars with an album full of happy songs.

With "Life is Wonderful", and "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" the two electro rockers spread a feeling of well-being on the Indie dancefloor, they give a cynical advice how to plan a "Suicide Attack in High Quality" and they are outing "Excellent Climber Armstrong" being a handlebar poser. Andi f "Frankenstein´s Monster" appears at night, they don´t worry. They still have their "Favourite Drug".

Last but not least they write you something in your friendship book: "This is no computer game, this is real life".



My Name Is Music - "Revolution" (CD)

1 Heehaw / 2 Grab the microphone / 3 That's what I am / 4 Queen of the world / 5 Smooth revolution / 6 Birthday cake / 7 Keep on running / 8 Popstar / 9 Hours /10 My sweetheart / 11 Oh shit, my boyfriend is Darth Vader / 12 Close my eyes / 13 Rain

VÖ: 12.03.2010
Pate Records (rough trade)

My Name Is Music - "We are Terrorists" (CD)

01 Straight And Simple / 02 Black Summer / 03 I Don't Need Your Syphaty / 04 Paralysed By You / 05 Rock'n Roll Is Mono / 06 Pop Is Dead / 07 Revolution / 08 All Of My Bunnies / 09 Kill The Beat / 10 Killing An Arab / 11 We Are Terrorists / 12 Little Girl

VÖ: 11.03.2011
Pate Records (rough trade)

My Name Is Music - "Super Acceleration" (CD)

01 Life is wonderful / 02 Computer Game / 03 My Favorite Drug / 04 This is your Life / 05 Suicide Attack in high Quality / 06 Three Steps behind / 07 Frankenstein's Monster / 08 Excellent Climber Armstrong / 09 Free of Everything / 10 Judas / 11 Gimme Gimme Gimme

VÖ: 03.05.2013
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MY NAME IS MUSIC - Excellent Climber Armstrong


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