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DAWA encounters new ways with its new album “(r) e a c h” while remaining true to its sound:

The distinctive DAWA-sound, with the extraordinary voices of John Michael Dawa and Barbara Wiesinger as well as Laura Pudelek’s cello, remains unchanged. Oama Richson did not only play the cajón but augmented his drum set for some new pieces and new sounds. Furthermore, Pudelek got into sparkling touch with an electric bass. DAWA therefore sounds even more complete, richer so to speak - but with respect to the intimacy of their last two albums.

Another factor surely had an impact on the atmospherical development of the new album: John Dawa became father to his daughter Emma (also name of a track), which makes the setting appear calmer and more put, than its predecessor.

Well-known Austrian producer Patrick Pulsinger was perfectly ready to give the distinctive sound its final touch once more. With the help of Oliver Brunnbauer, a detail rich recording method was selected for the albums workflow: All tracks were partly played in “live”, in order to capture the typical dynamics and atmosphere of the band. After that, each track was recorded separately. Obviously it is this very combination, which created the perfect sound.

This year’s first single “Open Up” radiates samba-summer-feeling and, as a non-DAWA-typical front runner, pulls in to take the dance floor!

The constant growth of the fanbase of DAWA within the last years was proven by the fact, that their newest album “(r) e a c h” was partly funded by a successful crowd funding campaign.


DAWA - "(r) e a c h"

01 Reach / 02 Speed Of fLight / 03 Intro Samba / 04 Open Up / 05 Child Of The Sun / 06 Put It Away / 07 Emma / 08 White Walls / 09 White Walls (Outro) / 10 Wait Another Day

Distribution: Universal Music
Release: 28.10.2016

DAWA - "Psithurisma"

01 Psithurisa / 02 Dying Star / 03 If You Return / 04 Slow Down / 05 A Journey / 06 Saloon / 07_Pushed / 08 On The Run / 09 Unexpectedly / 10 Owe You

Distribution: Roughtrade
Release: 27.2.2015

DAWA - "This should work"

01 Some Things are different / 02 Take a breath / 03 Relief / 04 Roll the Dice / 05 India / 06 Social Suicide / 07 Frei / 08 Sepia toned Memories / 09 Revolution / 10 Losing Ground / 11 First One

Distribution: Roughtrade
Release: 31.5.2013

DAWA - "all we need is patience" (EP)

01 Chasing Ghosts / 02 At the Wall / 03 Familiar Thing / 04 Seven Days / 05 River

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