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At the age of just 15, Wolfgang Kanduth aka Candee Beat - singer, guitarist and front man – went out on a musical journey through all kinds of styles and instruments in rock and roll via scenes in Graz, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Cologne and Vienna. With numerous band projects (The incredible Staggers, Antimaniax, Leftöver Crack, F-Minus, Beatbrats, …), multiple instruments (drums, guitars, bass, vocals) and more than 1000 live shows and 12 albums in 12 years up his sleeve, he now set up his temporary tent at the Candy Beat Camp, again.
Stay Okay
This album is like a power drink. After a long, hard night, when the morning starts in continuous rhythm. It contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to sally out into a motivated day. An elixir prepared by hard work and smooth long brewing. Candee knows how to stay on track and make use of his time. The narrative of the CANDY BEAT CAMP illustrates that – a solo-project formed in 2004, alongside involvement in the Antimaniax, Leftöver Crack and Beatbrats, and the album „Passers By“ produced by Herwig Zamernik set the foundation for a full-fledged band enterprise. During Candee's extremely intense time on tour with the incredible Staggers, he started co-operating with producer Toni Loitsch, resulting in the second album “Failing“, 2008. After 8 years of touring and writing, their latest, most sophisticated work, “Stay Okay“, will be released in fall 2012 on Las Vegas Records. A four-piece band by now, the Beat Camp represents a conformation accrued from 90ies punk roots and unhidden indie rock influences, whose humorous seriousness and juvenile maturity are an immaculate quality. Candee Beat's vocals and guitars and Bernie Raser's drums are currently accompanied by Georg Schober on bass guitar and Axl Truschner on further guitars. What's in the Noise
Their catchy first single “What's in the Noise“ comes across like a sweeping storm, rustling through forests and crashing waves against cliffs. It's an inspiring and overwhelming force of nature balancing power and grace, interpreted on drums, bass, guitars and a good load of fuzz. Take cover in the CANDY BEAT CAMP!


Candy Beat Camp - Stay Okay

01 bona fide (the bitterness) / 02 what’s in the noise / 03 chasing dragons / 04 stay okay / 05 anything / 06 hours / 07 i admire you / 08 a stone called rock / 09 stars don’t show / 10 never say always / 11 vienna to venice / 12 glow

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- VÖ: 05.10.2012
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